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In this fast changing world, where majority of people are facing poverty, hunger, deprivation and exploitation, many political parties are claiming to find solutions to these grave problems without mentioning egalitarianism and equality of human beings in their parties' manifestos and programs. In reality they do not even want to eradicate this currently prevailing unjust and cruel class based system, which is the root cause of human misery and sufferings. That is why all these politicians continuously entangle and embroil masses in petty politics in the name of democracy, progress, change, religion, ethnicity, race, color, nationalism, regionalism, and reformism, but neither do they talk about equality of human beings nor do they believe in it. Therefore the main foundation of their politics rests just on least possible reforms and minimum amelioration in people’s plight rather than elimination of this class based capitalist system.

They say that God has created these everlasting and enduring divisions of rich and poor among people and they assert that worldly fame, wealth, success and status are also bestowed by God and so this whole system of class divisions is part of God’s plan for this world. Their goal is to make poor and enslaved masses attribute their dreadful situation to God’s will, thus obstructing and countering their struggle for equal rights against this system which is the real underlying cause of their atrocious situation. We believe that this is deceitful as all social, economic and political  systems are man made. Thus it is our collective responsibility now to replace these current unjust class based systems with one which is based on egalitarianism and human equality.

If this earth belongs to God then it belongs to all and everyone has equal rights over and share in whatever grows in it and is produced and available here. We reject this class based capitalist system which creates disparity between human beings and divides them into poor and rich. We advocate a system based on equality of all people, all over the world, and want to build a world, where all jobs are equally respectable and all work is important and where all workers are equally honorable; a system which provides them not only equal rights over all opportunities, but also equal access to education, healthcare, jobs and all other resources of this world. We believe that all the limitless resources and possibilities currently available in this world should be at the equitable disposal of all people so that they can benefit from and use whatever they need, want and like.

International Youth And Workers Movement (IYWM) was established in order to organize all those revolutionary youth and workers regardless of age, who renounce these class divisions among people and the capitalist system based on it. They will start working wherever they live in this world but will have to stay united and in constant touch with each other. IYWM rejects the capitalist system and all those political parties that are trying to preserve, strengthen and prolong this class based system.

We invite all of you to become our members and join us in this revolutionary struggle to establish a classless global human society.

Equality Theater Rehearsal on 3rd May 2017
May 3, 2017
Equality Theater Rehearsal for New Theater Drama on 3rd may 2017.
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May Day Rally at Tando Jam, Hyderabad (Sindh)
May 1, 2017
May Day Rally at Tando Jam, Hyderabad (Sindh)
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Script Distribution Ceremony of Drama Tax Aur Mohabbat
April 28, 2017
Script Distribution Ceremony of Drama Tax Aur Mohabbat
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Equality Theater Organized meeting for New Drama
April 27, 2017
Equality Theater Meeting held on 27th April 2017 for new theater play "Tax Aur Mohabbat"
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